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Past Event Highlights

During mid-2022 to mid-2023, the recent cohort of our YDC Youth Ambassadors (YAs) have participated in a series of top-notch and comprehensive training covering various aspects, including the “Let’s Talk About Hong Kong” Sharing-cum-visit Series, thematic public policy discussion workshop, visits/exchanges in the Mainland and overseas, as well as volunteering at different large-scale Government events and international conferences held in town.

Let's Talk About Hong Kong Sharing-cum-visit series

The “Let’s Talk About Hong Kong” Sharing-cum-visit series is the advanced training programme under the flagship youth development programme, with the “eight centres” as the main content of the series. Experts and leaders from the public and private sectors and various industries share their valuable insights and perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of Hong Kong’s key development areas.

Click HERE to view the videos of “Let’s Talk About Hong Kong”