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Funding Scheme for Youth Life Planning Activities

Funding Scheme for Youth Life Planning Activities

Life planning is an ongoing and life-long process. The Government has since 2014 adopted a series of measures to help young people realise their life planning as early as possible, and assist them in keeping abreast of the development trend of the local market as well as the industry prospects in Hong Kong, so as to facilitate their informed choices in relation to academic pursuits and career aspirations. The Funding Scheme for Youth Life Planning Activities (the Funding Scheme) was set up to support non-governmental organisations (NGOs), in collaboration with secondary schools, in organising various life planning projects, such as thematic talks, workshops, workplace visits, job attachments, etc. These projects not only cater to the needs of students, but also cover training courses and activities for teachers and parents to enhance their awareness of life planning and multiple pathways. From 2019-20 onwards, we have allocated additional resources for the enhancement of the Funding Scheme with a view to promoting greater synergy between NGOs and schools in terms of quality and quantity.

The application for the Funding Scheme is closed.

For more information on the Scheme, please refer to the Chinese Version of our website.


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