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Youth Engagement

The Youth Development Commission (YDC) endeavours to strengthen communication channels and keep in touch with young people and stakeholders of different backgrounds, in order to enable the YDC and the Government to take the pulse of young people, understand their views and adopt their suggestions more effectively. The YDC organises youth engagement activities, including visiting schools and district youth organisations, organising focus group meetings, policy thematic meetings, and making use of online platforms and social media to strengthen communication with young people. In addition, the YDC also maintains close contact with the 18 District Youth Development and Civic Education Committees to create more opportunities to meet with youth in various districts. You may visit YDC’s Facebook page for details of the youth engagement activities.

Policy Thematic Meeting

To enable the YDC to participate, at an earlier stage and in a more concrete manner, in policy discussion relating to education, employment, entrepreneurship and home ownership, and communicate with young people in a more open, direct and interactive manner, the YDC arranges policy thematic meetings through online webcast to enable relevant policy bureaux, members and young people to be engaged in focused discussion on specific policy issues, thereby strengthening the role of the YDC in policy co-ordination and reflecting young people’s views.

The public may click on the links below to watch the webcast meetings.

Third Policy Thematic Meeting (Cantonese)

Third Policy Thematic Meeting (Cantonese)

The third policy thematic meeting adopted the theme of "Nurturing young people's positive thinking", with a view to raising public awareness of the subject and directly listening to the views of young people and relevant stakeholders, thereby facilitating the Government and the relevant sectors to further enhance the relevant work.

Second Policy Thematic Meeting (Cantonese)

Second Policy Thematic Meeting (Cantonese)

The second policy thematic meeting discussed the multiple pathways and development opportunities for young people after their graduation. Participants shared valuable information on various career development pathways and encouraged young people to dare to try.

First Policy Thematic Meeting (Cantonese)

First Policy Thematic Meeting (Cantonese)

The first policy thematic meeting adopted the theme of “youth employment”. Guest speakers discussed the labour market trends, relevant policies and supportive measures from various aspects, listened to the views of young people and conducted an in-depth discussion on how to further assist their employment, thereby responding to their needs more effectively.

Other Thematic Youth Engagement Activities

In addition to the policy discussion relating to education, employment, entrepreneurship and home ownership, the YDC and the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau organise various thematic youth engagement activities, and these cover community services and engagement, understanding our country and the world, and nurturing all-rounded development of young people etc., with a view to broadening the horizons of young people.

Sichuan Earthquake “Stand TALL” Youth Exchange Session

Sichuan Earthquake “Stand TALL” Youth Exchange Session (Cantonese and Putonghua)

The 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake in Sichuan affected many people and, saddened the people worldwide. Over the years, the Hong Kong medical team has continued to provide treatment and follow-up therapy, tailor-made prosthetics and various training for the victims, so that they can regain their mobility and start a new life. The Sichuan Earthquake “Stand TALL” Youth Exchange Session invited three beneficiaries of the “Stand TALL” project from Sichuan to share their experience and their heartfelt gratitude for the support from Hong Kong. Through this exchange session, we hope to foster closer bonding between young people in the Mainland and Hong Kong. At the same time, we encourage youth to stay strong when encountering difficulties, and develop positive values.