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Membership and Terms of Reference

The membership of the YDC is as follows (effective from now until 31 March 2023) :

Chief Secretary for Administration

Non-official Members
Mr Mac Chan Ho-ting
Dr Catherine Chan Po-ling
Mr Jonathan Chan Pok-chi
Ms Chan Wing-man
Mr Cheng Chung-man
Mr Alex Cheng Hong-wun
Ms Stephanie Chung Wing-yiu
Mr Alex Fan Hoi-kit
Mr Kenneth Fok Kai-kong
Mr Nicholas Ho Lik-chi
Mr Andy Kwok Wing-leung
Mr Chris Lam Ka-tat
Ms Nixie Lam Lam
Mr Henry Lam Wah-shing
Ms Dana Lau Sing-she
Ms Serena Lau Sze-wan
Ms Ingrid Lee Kwai-ha
Ms Cherry Lee Suet-yee
Mr Timmy Lee Tan-chun
Mr Kenneth Leung Yuk-wai
Mr Duncan Ma Tak-yan
Mr Victor Pang Wing-seng
Mr Kyrus Siu King-wai
Ms Elizabeth Thong Lee-peng
Mr Alex Tou Yat-lung
Ms Ashley Tse Hiu-hung
Ms Theresa Tse Ka-yan
Mr James Tsui Siu-lung
Dr Rizwan Ullah
Mr Michael Yiu Kwok-wai
Mr Jeremy Young Chit-on
Ms Grace Yu Ho-wun

Ex-officio Members
Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development
Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism
Secretary for Education
Secretary for Health
Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs
Secretary for Housing
Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry
Secretary for Labour and Welfare
Secretary for Security

The terms of reference of the YDC are:

The following three Task Forces have been set up under the YDC to undertake specific areas of work: