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YDC Youth Ambassadors Programme

YDC Youth Ambassadors Programme

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), the Government and the then Commission on Youth upgraded the International Youth Exchange Programme to the “Youth Ambassadors in Celebration of the Establishment of the HKSAR Programme” (20A YA Programme) in 2017, with a view to engaging young people and encouraging their active participation in various celebration events and activities. Opportunities were provided for Hong Kong youth to broaden their horizons and international perspectives through overseas exchanges.

In view of the successful experience and the positive feedback from both the youth and relevant stakeholders, the Home Affairs Bureau (HAB) and Youth Development Commission (YDC) has launched the “YDC Youth Ambassadors Programme” (YA Programme) on a regular basis since 2019. The YA Programme recruits 100 Youth Ambassadors (YAs) each year, with an aim to identify and nurture youth with strong commitment and passion for serving the Hong Kong community. All YAs will receive dedicated training, including core-skills training, and visits/exchanges outside Hong Kong. YAs may participate in large-scale or international events and activities organised by government bureaux and departments, such as international conferences, exhibitions, celebration events etc. YAs may also be tasked to organise social service activities for the community. In addition, YAs with outstanding performance may be selected to receive advanced training from acclaimed tertiary institutes outside Hong Kong.

Further, the “Youth Ambassadors Alumni Association” has been set up under the Programme to provide a platform for the YAs of previous years to keep in close contact, share their experience as “mentors” with the incumbent YAs and continue their active participation in large-scale government events/activities as well as social services activities organised by YAs.

Programme details

  • To identify and nurture local youth with strong commitment and passion for serving the Hong Kong community
Target participants and criteria
  • Aged between 18 and 30
  • Hong Kong permanent identity card holder
  • Good language, communication, problem-solving and leadership skills
  • Committed to serving the Hong Kong community, preferably with commendable experience in volunteer or community service
Quota 100
Programme content Training
  • Core-skills training, including training camp, adventure programme and outward-bound training, team building, international etiquette, communication, interpersonal skills etc.
  • Experiential activities on tourist reception
  • Thematic seminars
  • Participate and provide assistance* in large scale / international events and activities organised by government bureaux and departments, including international conferences, forums, exhibitions and celebratory events
    (*serving as receptionists, event emcees, interpreters, reporters or narrators, etc.)
  • Participate in youth engagement activities organised by the YDC to collect and exchange views with other youth in Hong Kong
  • Initiate, organise and implement social service activities for the community
Exchange outside Hong Kong
  • Visit cities outside Hong Kong to have in-depth exchange with local youth, experience different cultural activities and receive youth delegations from cities outside Hong Kong
  • Advanced training outside Hong Kong (for YAs with outstanding performance)


Please send e-mail to or call 3509 7041 / 3509 7996.