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One-Stop-Information Platform on Internship and Exchange Opportunities

This platform is only available in Traditional Chinese.

Mainland Internship and Exchange Opportunities
One-Stop-Information Platform onInternship and Exchange Opportunities
You can use the search engine to find various internship and exchange programmes organised or sponsored by the Youth Development Commission / Home Affairs Bureau.
This Scheme supports NGOs to organise internship programmes for HK young people to enable them to have personal experience of the actual workplace environment in the Mainland, and a deeper understanding of the employment market there.
The Government organises four thematic programmes to provide more diversified internship opportunities in the areas of arts, culture and sciences.
The Government collaborates with major enterprises to provide internship places on the Mainland and overseas.
This Scheme sponsors NGOs to organise international youth exchange activities and provide opportunities for young people to broaden their horizon and international perspective.
This Scheme sponsors NGOs to organise Mainland youth exchange programmes and enhance young people's understanding of the Mainland.
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Youth Cultural Exchange Programme
This programme increases participants’understanding of various cultures through exchanges and visits in Hong Kong, Macao and the Mainland.